Conference Updates

Our hearts are aching for those in Missouri who are reeling from the effects of Sunday’s horrific storms, while we also remain in prayer for those across the Southeast working to rebuild from last month’s storms. We thank our volunteers for their quick response and willing hearts. Your active answer to the request for prayers, work teams and funds to help so many conferences in the Southeastern Jurisdiction was beautiful and inspiring. We are beginning to turn our hearts to the most recent disaster and will respond when they request our services. However, there is still so much needed to be done in the Southeast.

Below are requests from each individual conference pulled from their websites.

For more information, contact the link that is provided.

Alabama West Florida Conference:   The request for volunteer teams has been suspended until further notice, as damage assessments and recovery continues, and until a final framework is put into place. The conference will be ready to receive outside teams in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for email updates requesting help at that time or visit for the latest news.

Holston Conference:
Now in long-term recovery mode in all sites. There are six active disaster sites in Holston and all are in need of work teams. Teams can come for days, weekends, or full weeks, and they can provide housing at each site. Teams wishing to serve can call the Call Center at 865-309-9530 or 865-309-9563. For more information, visit:

Kentucky Conference:
After recent flooding in Western Kentucky, the Elizabethtown District is assisting victims. They are collecting flood buckets. Cleaning supplies and volunteers for cleanup will be needed in the summer as the waters subside.For more information, visit:

Memphis Conference:
For more information about helping in this conference after the recent flooding, click here:

Mississippi Conference:   For updates from Rev. David Newton and guidelines for volunteer teams wishing to help with the storms and recent flooding, please visit:

North Alabama Conference:   For the latest information on North Alabama Conference Disaster Response to the April 27 storms, please visit  The North Alabama Conference Disaster Response Center is now open. Calls can be made to that center toll free at 855-862-8657.

North Carolina Conference:
In Response to the April 16 storms, to volunteer or for more information, click here:

North Georgia Conference:   For information regarding the response to the April 27 storms in North Georgia, please visit for the latest updates.

Tennessee Conference:
After recent flooding, flood buckets and kits are needed. For more information, click here:

Virginia Conference:
In response to the April 16 and April 27 storms, click here: for more information.

Western North Carolina Conference:
Disaster Response Updates:

Again, our hearts and prayers are with those in Joplin, Missouri and also across the Southeastern United States. For the most recent updates as to how the Missouri Annual Conference is responding in Joplin, click here:

If you wish to donate, any money can be sent directly to the individual Conference Offices or to the UMCOR Advance #3021326 for all US Spring Storms.

Thanks again,

Cristin Farrington, Communication Director

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