ARM Summer Staff Positions

A letter of request from Alabama Rural Ministries:
If you are interested, email: Beth Ann Hopkins at

Are you searching for a meaningful summer of service  where you can experience and share Christ’s love through hands-on ministry with others? Do you want to be steeped in friendship ministry of Christ where you serve with families, children, and mentor youth? The work is hard, hours long, and you will be drained at the end of each day as you have poured yourself out in Christian love and intentional community. Have we piqued your interest?

If so, ARM has positions open for mature, college-age Christians who want to serve Christ in real, hands-on ways!

The following opportunities are open:

Site Leader: 2 Positions ($1900 Scholarship)
There is one site leader for each of our two sites: Livingston and Tuskegee . This person serves as the main coordinator/team captain of one of these two sites. Ideally, this person has served on staff or been a previous volunteer. Site Leaders must demonstrate leadership, great Christian and social maturity, management skills, and interpersonal skills in the following ways:
1)  The site leader serves as the on-site facilitator to the staff members at the site. S/he is the spiritual director for the staff team and is directly accountable to the ARM Director. S/he is the main contact and liaison between the volunteer work teams and the summer staff (6-7 other students).
2)  S/he is a liaison with the other ministry partners and key personnel in the communities that support the work of ARM.
3)  S/he mentors the staff serving in construction or day camp and visits these sites throughout the week.
4)  S/he manages the finances for the site and monitors the daily budget and expenditures and income.
5)  S/he is responsible for communicating with and reporting to the ARM Director and full time staff about the activities of the site.

Construction Coordinators: 6 Positions ($1700)
The primary responsibility of a construction coordinator is to serve as a facilitator for the home repair work teams. As a part of the construction staff, your service will include the following:
1)  Construction coordinators will give each volunteer team an overview of the construction projects and family situations for which they will be working.  They will conduct a daily leaders’ meeting.
2)  S/he will plan for projects, purchase materials, and maintain a construction budget for each team.
3)  Construction coordinators serve as contact persons for the home owners, scheduling both staff and work team visits.
4)   S/he maintains all the tools and materials for their site.
5)   S/he helps teams with construction advice and works on-site with them as time allows.

Day Camp Coordinators: 3-6 Positions ($1700)
1)  Day Camp coordinators work with incoming volunteer teams and each other to coordinate activities for children of low-income, under-served families, simply in need of love and attention.
2)  Day Camp coordinators communicate with their site coordinator and volunteer teams prior to arrival to ensure that they have Bible lessons, crafts, recreational activities, educational activities, and more for the week they will be working (Staff will plan back up activities should teams arrive without enough materials).
3)  Day Camp coordinators work together to plan and coordinate enrichment activities and field trips
4)   S/he is helps children form and/or cultivates relationships with Christ.
5)  S/he builds relationships with the parents of the children.

The ARM summer staff, in the most basic of terms, runs a Christian camp for two months. We all work together to maintain our respective sites and the daily/weekly flow of activities. ARM staff will work closely to form a supportive, encouraging Christian community among their team and the incoming volunteers.  Each person will be expected to portray Christ at all times- a tough call when we get tired.  Each team member will strive to support the ministry through teamwork in planning, implementing and sharing in team devotional and worship settings as well as worship and reflection with youth groups.  All staff members will strive to build meaningful, Christ-centered relationships between each other, the youth, and the families with whom they interact.  If you ever wanted to experience what the mission field might be like, then ARM might be just for you. Our positions are compensated through scholarships and the position is academic in nature. You must satisfactorily complete your position to receive the scholarship and must also submit a two page paper that serves as an evaluation of your experience.


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If you are interested, email Beth Ann Hopkins at

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